Sunday, March 26, 2006

One Step Forward, TWO Steps Back...

Problems at MS OS, again.

This week Microsoft had to inform investors that Vista was being held back until 2007.

It seems the much awaited successor to Windows XP, Windows Vista needed to be reworked.

SlashDot tells us 60% of the code has to be redone. MS PR says that's not true.

Considering the FACT that Vista is ALREADY 2 YEARS Late, this should be considered more than just a Setback, don't you think?

I bet some programming heads at Microsoft are going to roll.

Microsoft did say it would not be pulling programming staff from XBOX 360. Wall Street should applaud that.

I know I do.

The midnight oil should be burning bright (I hate using that word in this context) for the next few months at MS.

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