Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Cellphone for Dogs???

Finally, a technology that has found it's audience.

Now All we need is a Cell Phone that's a Dog, oh wait, that's coming in the latter part of June from Apple.....

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Dos Possos UPDATE!

The title literally means "Two Steps".

And in computing, expands to: Two steps forward , One step back. We only gain IF we keep moving.

It also subtly refers to the writer John DosPossos. A gifted writer that seemed to be overshadowed by Papa (Ernest Hemingway). That can happen if you stand too close to brighter luminaries. But that doesn't reduce the value of the also-rans.

I remember selling computers (Trs-80's) for Radio Shack. One of my fellow salesmen was a very brilliant "Ham" operator. He was techically more gifted than I was, but I always outperformed him in selling electronics.

Mainly, because he didn't know when to shut up.

He had convinced the customer to buy in the first few minutes, but would invariably scare them away as he continued to "teach them" everything about the gadget.

Overkill, does that All the Time.

I recently read a variation of that in terms of programming. You don't need to collect all the data to a solve a problem. Often times there is just TOO Much.

These are people working on Beowulf Clusters. And they suggest: Close Is Good Enough.

I like that.

Close is often Good Enough.