Sunday, March 26, 2006

One Step Forward, TWO Steps Back...

Problems at MS OS, again.

This week Microsoft had to inform investors that Vista was being held back until 2007.

It seems the much awaited successor to Windows XP, Windows Vista needed to be reworked.

SlashDot tells us 60% of the code has to be redone. MS PR says that's not true.

Considering the FACT that Vista is ALREADY 2 YEARS Late, this should be considered more than just a Setback, don't you think?

I bet some programming heads at Microsoft are going to roll.

Microsoft did say it would not be pulling programming staff from XBOX 360. Wall Street should applaud that.

I know I do.

The midnight oil should be burning bright (I hate using that word in this context) for the next few months at MS.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Digital Memories are made of This...

Frys AD, Wednesday, March 22, 2006: 2 GB Secure Digital (SD format) for $64.99 - 15.00 mail-in rebate = $49.99.

I paid $39 plus dollars (a few years back) for the 128 MB SD that's in my Vivitar Digital camera. (Incidently, the internal storage of the Vivicam 3705 is 8 MB.)

2 GB is 16X the capacity of the 128 MB for $10.00 more!

And my son is waiting for the 8 GB memory chip to go into his Sony PSP.

As I often say, the "Digital GIG IS UP, WAY UP!"

Saturday, March 11, 2006

The Light at the End of The Virtual Tunnel

Almost done with Gibson's "Virtual Light". I slow down towards the end because I really don't want it to end.

Fortunately it's part of a trilogy, that I have been reading in reverse order (don't ask me why...). I may put off the first novel for a while and jump into Dan Brown's "The DaVinci Code". I don't like to jump into things that have negative controversy, hence my reluctance in reading "Code". But the Ron Howard/Tom Hanks movie will be out soon and I don't want to be left behind. And I really liked "Digital Fortress" and "Angels and Demons" by Dan Brown.

Movies rarely match the impact of the book because it has to compress too much of details. John Grisham's "A Time To Kill" being a perfect example of what hollywood can do to a good book.

That's it for now, time to hit the Books...